The RespIn 11 uses the most modern and efficient method for Bronchial Clearance available today, RespInnovation’s  ‘focused pulse’ technology.

What is it and how is it different from traditional Chest Physical Therapy (CPT) or High Frequency Chest Compression (HFCC) / High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) Therapies?

Up until 30 years ago, traditional CPT with postural drainage was the only method available to treat Chronic Obstructions of Bronchial Airways caused by diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis (CF), chronic bronchitis and asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis, and many others (now classed together as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders (COPD)). Without this treatment the bronchial obstructions would become infected, pass to pneumonia and left untreated can cause eventual loss of Pulmonary Vital Capacity – which translates into the body’s ability to transfer oxygen taken into the lungs into the blood to supply the brain and the body.


CPT usually takes on average 40-60 minutes to deliver therapy to all 12 classic treatment areas of the lungs they want to mobilize secretions in. This is very tiring for both the patients and the caregivers - who many times are family members.

30 years ago, High Frequency Chest Compression devices were developed and usually have treatment sessions which last 30 minutes 2 or 3 times per day. This is a very physically demanding form of therapy for the patients as it transfers a great deal of energy to the patient’s entire thorax using a high content background pressure then repeatedly squeezing the thorax up to 20 times per second to create the air movement in the airways to dislodge secretions. It can be effective, but it has a limited range of patients who are capable of tolerating the high level of energy transfer which therefore limits the number and type of clinical applications. In effect, weak or fragile patients cannot tolerate this type of therapy and must rely on CPT or drug therapy.

Our ‘focused pulsation’ therapy is completely different, it starts from the premise of treating specific zones of the thorax by transferring a focused pulsation of energy to the ribcage which then propagates this energy in a wave evenly through the lungs and bronchial tree soliciting vibrations in the bronchial tree breaking up and dislodging mucus from the bronchiole walls and helping to transport this to the larger airways for expectoration.

‘focused pulse’ transfers only 10% of the energy to the patient that High Frequency Chest Compression devices or HFCWO therapy devices do. This means for the patient that they only need to be able to tolerate 1/10th of the energy that existing devices on the market today deliver. This alone makes for a much more comfortable therapy for the patients very much like a gentle massage.

In addition, our clinical and scientific studies have shown that ‘focused pulse’ technology in the RespIn 11 creates amplitudes of reaction movement 4 – 6 times greater in the most important area of the lungs (from the 5th to 15th generation of the bronchial tree) where most mucus accumulates, therefore more effectively dislodging secretions and soliciting coughing.

To put how this works and is different into an everyday context, think of a dance partner with flat shoes who steps on your foot - okay it will hurt a bit, but you won’t scream. However, if you are unlucky enough to have the same partner step on your foot wearing a stiletto heeled shoe, you will feel like someone is trying to drill a hole through your foot. A much higher concentration of the partner’s weight over a much smaller surface area making the effect many times greater – and your pain level up to scream level.

‘focused pulse’ uses the same principal, without the painful aspect, where we use up to 25 individual pressure pistons, each one several centimeters in diameter which are distributed to selected areas of the thorax. Overall, they represent a very small fraction of the surface area which the tradition HFCC/HFCWO therapy devices compress by covering the entire thorax for each pulsation, but they deliver a therapeutic pulsation much more effective at helping clear your bronchial airways and move your secretions, helping you to Breathe easier, live better.

In effect, we get much more ‘bang for our buck’ which for the patient means much greater effectiveness and results for much less overall energy and a much more comfortable ‘massage-like’ therapy that they are happy to use regularly.