RespInnovation SAS has conceptualized and designed its RespIn 11 Bronchial Airway Clearance System as a 2nd generation 'focused pulse' High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) device that maximizes the use of modern technologies and materials to produce a more comfortable, flexible and effective therapy delivery system.

  • Customized clinical therapy - 'focused pulse' therapy to selected parts of patient thorax/lungs, thus giving increased control, flexibility and choice of therapy to the treating clinician.
  • Increase patient comfort - Operates at a very low background pressure which is very beneficial to patients on both a comfort level and therapeutic level and gives a very relaxing massage effect.

Improved safety - RespIn 11 does not cause important negative changes to various patient physiological parameters, ie making Blood Pressure, Heart Rate rise as can existing HFCWO/Chest Compression devices. In fact, Pre-Clinical Trial Safety Study data shows both those figures gradually reducing during therapy sessions of 15 or 20 minutes

Safety and test subject feedback has been unanimous in indicating their preference for the RespIn 11 'focused pulse' system citing reasons such as:

  • How the RespIn 11 jacket is much more comfortable and easy to use than existing HFCWO Chest Compression devices.
  • How using the RespIn 11 is more like a 20 minute therapeutic massage than a 20 minute endurance test.
  • How during RespIn 11 therapy sessions patients feel none of the negative effects associated with existing 1st generation HFCWO/Chest Compression devices such as - no dizziness, tightness to chest, difficulty breathing or swallowing, sensation of panic and/or suffocation.
  • How patients felt they could easily maintain a daily usage programme of 2 or 3 times per day.