Advantages of RespIn 11 ‘focused pulse’ technology over existing traditional HFCWO/Chest Compression technology:

Chest Compression technology uses a very high background pressure and simply cuts the air supply into the vest 10-15 times per second to create very quick reductions of the pressure which create very  low amplitude pulsations.

This high pressure chest compression system has many drawbacks

  1. It is only capable of an ‘all or nothing’ treatment approach and cannot target any specific regions of the thorax, compressing the entire thorax for the entire 20-30 minutes of a classic treatment session
  2. It can cause important and risky changes to some of the patient’s most important and fundamental physiological, e.g. blood pressure and heart rate.
  3. It is too aggressive for physically weak or recently operated patients, greatly reducing the range of patients who can benefit from HFCWO therapy to clear their bronchial airways.
  4. Very difficult for patients to tolerate and this leads to reduced frequency of use in Home Care setting which in turn leads to reduction of beneficial effects and increased frequency of acerbations leading to increased hospitalization needs and reduced quality of life for the patient. A viscous circle which is difficult to break because the therapy itself is so difficult to tolerate when in an unsupervised setting.

RespIn 11 ‘focused pulse’ technology is a much gentler ‘massage’ style delivery system. 

  1. Complete fill/empty each cycle – RespIn 11 uses an air pressure piston which inflates and completely empties each cycle enabling the patient to breathe, speak and cough without restriction. Each cycle the RespIn 11 air pressure pistons go from empty to full roughly 8-12 times per second.
  2. Greater Amplitude Pulsation - The full cycle of fill and fully empty creates a much greater amplitude pulsation, roughly 10 times the amplitude of existing HFCWO/Chest Compression devices which Doctors feel is certainly responsible for the greatly improved results solicited by the RespIn 11  with respect to existing devices.
  3. Targeting specific treatment areas - The RespIn 11 can target specific areas giving clinicians the freedom to adapt the therapy to suit each individual patient or type of illness.

The RespIn 11 currently can be set up to isolate the front or rear of the thorax individually or the right or left side of the thorax targeting each lung individually if called for. In an extreme example 12 different pads of air pressure pistons could be applied to each of the 5 lung lobes to directly imitate Chest Physical Therapy which individually directs therapy to each of lobe.

  1. Greater comfort for patients – with no constant background pressure makes the RespIn 11 much more comfortable;
  2. Massage effect, sequential actioning -Lines of pressure pistons are actioned sequentially to create a pleasant massage effect on the thorax.
  3. No adverse physiological effects  - Lack of constant background pressure makes the therapy easy to tolerate and puts no pressure onto the patient’s physiological state, no recorded effects on any increases in BP or Heart Rate.
  4. Breathe Easier – Live Better - virtuous circle of regular use, better bronchial clearance, breathe easier, live better, better quality of life. Ease of use and lack of discomfort leads to increased usage, better results, easier breathing, less frequent acerbations and hospital visits creating a ‘virtuous’ circle of regular use, better lung clearance, reduced lung congestion with associated problems, and finally to a better quality of life.