RespInnovation SAS over the last 6 years has conceptualized, designed, and developed a 2nd generation 'focused pulse' High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation device capable of aiding in bronchial airway clearance for a much wider range of patients  and clinical conditions than existing High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation/Chest Compression devices.

RespIn 11 benefits from a totally new innovative approach to the 30 year old concept of High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation/Chest Compression therapy and makes maximum use of modern technologies and materials to:

  • Delivers therapeutic 'focused pulse' therapy direct to selected parts of the patient thorax creating a more profound and efficient resonance in the bronchial airways which is delivered in a comfortable ‘massage like’ therapy.
  • Flexibility of RespIn 11’s 'focused pulse' technology also gives treating clinicians greatly increased control and flexibility of therapy to best meet the needs of each individual patient and clinical condition.
  • Very low background pressure - The RespIn 11 patented system of focused pulsations operates at a very low background pressure which is very beneficial to patients on both a comfort level during treatment and also therapeutic level with greatly increased efficiency in dislodging mucus and assisting its movement for expectoration.
  • No negative physiological side effects - as a beneficial side effect of its low operating pressure of RespIn 11’s 'focused pulse' technology, it has no negative side effects to the patient’s physiological parameters, e.g. blood pressure and heart rate, and the RespIn 11 can therefore be safely used with a much wider range of patients and clinical conditions than existing Chest Compression devices.

RespInnovation has conceptualized, designed and realized its RespIn 11 bronchial airway clearance system as a 2nd generation 'focused pulse' High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation device that maximizes the use of modern technologies and materials to produce a more comfortable, flexible and effective therapy delivery system.  The RespIn 11 uses an innovative patented system of 'focused pulse' technology incorporating a system of proprietary valves, pressure pistons and electronic controls which deliver therapeutic pulsations directly to targeted areas of the patient’s thorax - exactly where most required and most beneficial in the treating clinician’s view.

  • Customized clinical therapy - 'focused pulse' therapy to selected parts of patient thorax, thus giving increased control, flexibility and choice of therapy to the treating clinician.
  • Increase patient comfort - Operates at a very low background pressure which is very beneficial to patients on both a comfort level and therapeutic level and gives a very relaxing massage effect.

Improve safety and wider range of clinical use - RespIn 11 does not cause important negative changes to various patient physiological parameters, ie making BP, HR rise as do existing HFCWO/Chest Compression devices. In fact, Pre-Clinical Trial Safety Study data shows both those figures gradually reducing during therapy sessions of 15 or 20 minutes

Safety and test subject feedback has been unanimous in indicating their preference for the RespIn 11 'focused pulse' system citing:

  • How the RespIn 11 jacket is much more comfortable and easy to use than existing Chest Compression devices.
  • How using the RespIn 11 is more like a 20 minute therapeutic massage than a 20 minute endurance test.
  • How during RespIn 11 therapy sessions patients feel none of the negative effects associated with existing 1st generation HFCWO/Chest Compression devices such as - no dizziness, tightness to chest, difficulty breathing or swallowing, sensation of panic and/or suffocation.
  • How patients felt they could easily maintain a daily usage programme of 2 or 3 times per day.

The clinician’s point of view, the RespIn 11 also has significant advantages which open up whole new clinical conditions and patients to the benefits of its 'focused pulse' therapeutic action:

  • The RespIn 11 has a very low level of clinically measurable impact on the physiological state of the patient during therapy sessions with no negative measured effects on heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, etc. - unlike the existing HFCWO/Chest Compression devices which cause patients significant physiological changes and distress.
  • This means not only a wider range of potential patients in clinical situations, but also a much higher regular usage rate for Home Care patients because of its pleasant massage effect leading to better long term results with accompanying improvements in quality of life and decreased frequency of acute acerbations requiring hospital treatment.

Clinical Areas and applications where RespInnovation’s 'focused pulse' technology could be used more effectively than existing Chest Compression devices:

  1. Neuro-muscular disease patients, MS, ALS, etc.
  2. The long term bed care patient.
  3. The elderly, both as a preventative therapy to prevent lung infections and also a secretion clearance system once they have an infection.
  4. Intensive care and post-operative patients.